Enfield Advisory Service for Autism

Enfield Advisory Service for Autism

Life at Enfield Advisory Service for Autism Life at Enfield Advisory Service for Autism Life at Enfield Advisory Service for Autism Life at Enfield Advisory Service for Autism Life at Enfield Advisory Service for Autism Life at Enfield Advisory Service for Autism Life at Enfield Advisory Service for Autism Life at Enfield Advisory Service for Autism Life at Enfield Advisory Service for Autism Life at Enfield Advisory Service for Autism Life at Enfield Advisory Service for Autism

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Ambitious about Autism 

Ambitious About Autism is a national charity for children and young people with autism.  They provide services, raise awareness and understanding and compaign for change.

Tel: 020 8815 5444 email: info@ambitiousaboutautism.org.uk  www.ambitiousaboutautism.org.uk


ASD Visual Aids 



APPs for Autism



Autism Education Trust

The Autism Education Trust is dedicated to coordinating, supporting and promoting effective education practice for all children and young people on the autism spectrum.

Tel: 0207 903 3650 email: info@autismeducationtrust.org.uk  www.autismeducationtrust.org.uk



Cerebra is a unique national charity that strives to improve the lives of children with neurological conditions.  Provides research, information and direct, on-going support.

Tel: 01267 244 200 email: enquiries@cerebra.org.uk  http://w3.cerebra.org.uk


Contact a Family (CAF)

Provides advice, information and support to the parents of all disabled children.  It enables parents to get in contact with other families including on-line discussions on topics of interest to parents.

National freephone helpline - 0808 808 3555 email: info@cafamily.org.uk  http://www.cafamily.org.uk/



Dazu is a registered charity which provides a range of recreational, educational and holiday activities for children and young people of all ages and abilities.



Dental Care & Autism/The National Autistic Society 



Do2 Learn



EHCP advice/guidance for parents



Enfield Carers Centre

Enfield Carers Centre is a local charity providing information, advice, training and other support services to people looking after someone who lives in Enfield.

Tel: 020 8366 3677 email: info@enfieldcarers.org 


Enfield Carers Centre, Britannia House, 137-143 Baker Street, Enfield EN1 3JL


Enfield Council’s Local Offer for Special Needs and Disability:

The Local Offer is information about services and support for families in Enfield with children/young people aged 0 – 25 years with special educational needs and/or a disability.  
Click here to find out about early years help, schools and out of school activities, youth services and training and college opportunities for young people and lots more!

Enfield Branch of the National Autistic Society (ENAS) 

The National Autistic Society is the UK's leading charity for people affected by autism, with 50 years' experience of developing and providing innovative and pioneering support and services.  The Enfield Branch was set up by parents in 2005 to support and represent local autistic people, their families and carers and ensure that local people on the spectrum and their families do not feel alone as they cope with the challenges of living with autism.  From good times to challenging times, The National Autistic Society is there at every stage, to help transform the lives of everyone touched by autism.

Click here to find out more about who we are and what we do

Click here to find out more about ENAS  

Click here to visit the ENAS website 


Every Parent & Child (EPC)/Enfield SENDIASS

EPC is a registered charity working for the benefit of children and their families in the London Borough of Enfield. Please click here to visit the (EPC) website.  

Telephone: 0208 373 6243  Email: enquiries@epandc.org.uk

Address: Enfield SEND IASS
Community House
311 Fore Street
London N9 0PZ 


Enfield Disability Action

EDA provides a number of services and is working towards becoming a one stop shop for disabled people living and working in Enfield.  Its services include the Enfield Legal Partnership Project (ELPP) which provide information on welfare benefits, employment, community care and housing.


Enfield Disability Action
Community House
311 Fore Street
N9 0PZ

Tel: 020 8373 6228
Email: eda@e-d-a.org.uk
Fax: 020 8373 6223


Inclusion Development Programme: Supporting pupils on the autism spectrum.

Online autism training resources for staff working with children and young people with autism in primary and secondary schools are available here:


Online autism training resources for practitioners working with children in the early years can be accessed by clicking here





Nordoff Robbins

Nordoff Robbins is a national music therapy charity.  They use music therapy and other music services to help a a range of people with various conditions including autism. 



Our Voice:

A parent led organisation working with parents and carers, as well at the statutory and voluntary sectors , to improve services for children and young people with disabilities or special educational needs in the borough of Enfield.  Please visit their website for more information https://www.ourvoiceenfield.org.uk/contact_us

E-mail: info@ourvoiceenfield.org.uk 


Picture Exchange Communication System



Preparing for Adulthood



Puberty Section

The National Autistic society provides information pages on puberty and sex education: http://www.autism.org.uk/about/communication/sex-education.aspx

Videos exploring puberty, sex, contraception, masturbation and sexual hygiene: http://www.autismeducationtrust.org.uk/the-den

For scientific and factual information : http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/body/interactives/lifecycle/teenagers/

Recommended book: Taking Care of Myself: A Hygiene, Puberty and Personal Curriculum for Young People with Autism by Mary Wrobel


Resources for autism

Resources for Autism provide practical services for children and adults with an autistic spectrum condition and for their families. 







SEN-den is a newly created, non-profit-making community business which started in July 2019. They provide support for families whose children have autism and support for families whose children are waiting for a diagnosis of autism.



Summer Holidays : Resources for families and carers



The Advisory Centre for Education (ACE)

An independent national advice centre for parents.  Provides advice to parents on education law and practice as well as materials.  Documents can be downloaded from the website.  www.ace-ed.org.uk


The Autism Education Trust website home page:



The Joint Service for Disabled Children (Enfield Council):

This service offers a range of services to children and young people with disabilities and their parents.  To find out more Click here 

The Joint Service also provides information on how to access short breaks.

Shorts breaks provide children and young people with disabilities an opportunity to spend time away from their parents, relaxing with friends and having fun.  They also provide parents with a break for caring for their child during which they can unwind, rest or spend time with their other children. For a direct link to information about short breaks please Click here


The National Autistic Society:



The Autism Education Trust website home page:



The Autism Education Trust Early Years Autism Standards and Early Years Autism Competency Framework:



The Autism Education Trust Autism Standards and Autism Competency Framework for primary and secondary schools:



The Autism Education Trust Post 16 Autism Standards and post 16 Autism Competency Framework:



The Inclusion Project

The Inclusion Project is a company that gets young adults (18+) with learning disabilities into the community. We promote an active, healthy and social lifestyle.



The Independent Panel for Special Educational Advice (IPSEA)

Provides free legal advice through help lines, information downloads, advice, support and representation (when needed) in appeals to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal.



Velora Autism Corner

An autism registered charity organisation offering a range of services for children/young adults aged 11-25 with a diagnosis of autism. Click here for more information or visit their website below.

The services they offer include:

  • Reading Recovery programme
  • Holiday Teen Scheme
  • Weekly Youth Club
  • Youth Minding/Respite
  • Independence training program
  • Home Help program